render ren‧der [ˈrendə ǁ -ər] verb [transitive] formal
1. to cause something to change in a particular way:

• He was denied building permission for his property, effectively rendering it worthless.

• In some cases, companies were rendered insolvent when they took on big debts in the buy-outs.

2. render accounts ACCOUNTING to officially present a company's accounts showing its profits and losses to people who own shares in it or have another interest in seeing the accounts:

• The petition claims the company failed to render proper accounts.

3. render a decision/​verdict/​judgement etc LAW to officially make a decision etc about something:

• The union hopes the board will render a verdict on the dispute this summer.

4. services rendered COMMERCE work that has been done, and that is due for payment:

• Employees who left were barred from collecting payment for services rendered before they withdrew.

* * *

render UK US /ˈrendər/ verb [T]
to cause something or someone to be in a particular state: »

Regulation should be shifted from the sales process to the products themselves, effectively rendering financial advisors surplus to requirements.


Billions have been spent, but not one gallon of the estimated 54m gallons of waste has been rendered harmless.

FORMAL to provide or give something such as help or a service to people: »

render aid/assistance/help


They liaise between companies that want to buy insurance and the insurers that sell it, taking a commission for services rendered.

ACCOUNTING, FINANCE, TAX to officially prepare financial records, bills, etc. and give them to someone or make them available: »

The company had failed to render accounts to its shareholders two years in a row.


We shall render invoices to you monthly in respect of work done by the firm.


Thousands evade tax by not rendering returns.

to officially announce a decision or judgment about something: render a decision/verdict »

The Council is expected to render a decision soon.

render judgment »

The court's duty is to hear a matter and render judgment or direction.

IT to make an image on a computer screen appear solid and like a real object: »

The software greatly accelerates the production of high-quality rendered images of products.

Financial and business terms. 2012.


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